Moruša: Biela

Jana Kirschner, 2013

The album is currently ranking place 6 in the World Music Charts Europe, describing Jana's art music as - "ghostly vocals float over spooky bass clarinet. Ponderous waltzes and dark choruses are contracted by the occasional ray of light shining through the clouds."

Jana Kirschner is a Slovak singer and musician, based in Bratislava, London and Prague. Her new album follows three years after the very successful work "Krajina rovina" where she also collaborated with the famous producer and her life-partner Eddie Stevens (Moloko, Zero 7). The album consists of two parts, the second one to be issued later in 2014 and it is a co-operation of 18 top musicians from the United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Jana Kirschner (SK) - voice
Tom Skinner (US) - drums, percussions
Braňo Dugovič (SK) - clarinet, bass clarinet
Štefan Bugala (SK) - marimba, vibraphone
Rob Mullarkey (GB) - bass guitar, bass
Eddie Stevens (GB) - piano, organ, keys, vocals
Jozef Lupták (SK) - cello
Boris Lenko (SK) - accordion
Marcel Comendant (MD) - cimbalom
Miloš Valent (SK) - violin, viola, zlopcoke

Track list

1. Až príde večer (5:51)
2. Promenáda (4:12)
3. Divná (3:11)
4. Sama (5:44)
5. Palisády (4:43)
6. Z jedného Martina (5:16)
7. Iba raz (4:27)
8. O hore a vtáčkovi (5:10)
9. Vidina (8:18)

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