Peter Machajdík, 2008

Peter Machajdík (born in Bratislava, Slovakia, lives in Berlin, Germany) is a composer of contemporary classical music with focus on chamber and orchestral works, electronic music and sound environments. His music has been commissioned and performed internationally by celebrated artists. Heard in a diverse array of venues ranging from classical to experimental to jazz, Peter Machajdík's works have been featured in festivals such as Inventionen in Berlin, New Work in Calgary, Hörgänge at the Konzerthaus in Vienna, Nuovi Spazi Musicali in Rome, young.euro.classic in Berlin, Melos Ethos in Bratislava, LakeComo Festival, Festival Forfest, the Bratislava Music Festival as well as in music series set in modern art galleries.

Jon Anderson (GB) - vocal
Guido Arbonelli (IT) - bass clarinet
Mayuko Kida Takino (JP) - piano
Enikő Ginzery (SK) - cimbalom
Dominik Melichárek (SK) - oboe
Zuzana Uškovičová (SK) - violin
Floraleda Sacchi (IT) - harp
Icarus Quartet (US) - voice, drums, electronics
David Moss (US) - voice, drums, electronics
The Ján Pöschl Youth String Orchestra conducted by Anita Mirossayová (SK)
Julie Hanson Geist (US) - soprano
Darry Dolezal (US) - cello
Daniel Garel (CA) - piano
Jozef Lupták (SK) - cello

Track list

1. She Will Be Picked by Herself (3:18)
2. Namah (10:54)
3. Nell'autunno del suo abbraccio insonne (8:10)
4. Sadness of Flowing (10:08)
5. To the Rainbow So Close Again (12:06)
6. Painting (3:03)
7. Obscured Temptations (7:22)
8. Water Forgives (13:48)
9. Lullaby (2:32)
10. 05.12.07 (5:12)

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