Traditional Roma Songs Played Anew. Two prominent musicians - Jozef Luptak on cello and accordionist Boris Lenko together with a Slovak/African percussionist Thierry Ebam and six naturally gifted gipsy singers from various villages of Slovakia have created a project that was issued on a CD and DVD and is successfully performing since 2009. Their apperances include some of the top European rock and classic festivals (Pohoda, Slovakia; Sziget, Hungary; Colors of Ostrava, Czech Republic, etc.). The blend of the musicality of Roma singers, professionality of two high-end classical musicians and an African percussionist on one stage creates an electrifying concert breaking any convenience. Their collective joy and passion on the stage is always directly transferred on the audience, which can never get enough of their music.

Jozef Lupták (SK) - cello
Boris Lenko (SK) - accordion
Thierry Ebam (SK) - djembe
Jozef Dreveňák (SK) - vocals, guitar
Irena Pokutová (SK) - vocals
Vojtech Pokuta (SK) - vocals
Marcela Dreveňáková (SK) - vocals
Martina Ďuďová (SK) - vocals
František Ďuďa (SK) - vocals