Cello Colosseum

A powerful ensemble of 8 prominent cellists from Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Czech republic led by Jozef Lupták. This project was created in 2006 and with overwhelming responses from audiences was repeated several times at festivals and other occassions in Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic. Robert Cohen, well-known British cellist and Jozef's former tutor was special guest for the very first concert. The program is based on Suite by famous Slovak composer and conductor Ludovit Rajter, who was student in the same class with H. von Karajan.

Sample Repertoire

J. S. Bach - 4 Chorals for 8 celli
Rodion Ščedrin - Hamlett Ballad for 8 celli (written for M. Rostropovich)
Arvo Pärt - Fratres for 8 celli
Marián Varga - Hymnus for 8 celli
Sergej Prokofjev - Scherzo Humoristique (arrangement for 8 celli)
Jevgenij Irshai - 8 - 10 - 26 - for 8 celli (written for this ensemble)
Ľudovít Rajter - Suite for 8 celli
Ľudovít Rajter - Musica Alternativa for 8 celli