Other Chamber Projects

Bartok - Dohnanyi - Piano Quintets from the era of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, which are very rarely performed. The ensemble consists of prominent Slovak musicians based in Innsbruck, Salzburg, Luzern, and Bratislava. Programmed for Festival Convergence.

Igor Karško (SK), Concertmaster of Luzern Symphony Orch - 1 violin
Ivana Pristasova (SK), Professor at Innsbruck Konservatorium - 2 violin
Milan Radič (SK), 1st viola at Mozarteum in Salzburg - viola
Jozef Lupták (SK), Artistic Director of the Convergence Festival - cello
Nora Skuta (SK), Member of Ensemble Modern, Salzburg - piano


Béla Bartók - Piano Quintet
Ernest Dohnányi - Piano Quintett, C minor op. 1
(alternative: Ernest Dohnanyi - Piano Sextett, C major, op. 37)